sidearm-logoCollege sports information has two distinct pieces: distribution and consumption. Since its inception in 1996, SIDEARM Sports has focused our efforts on both sides of this equation, ensuring that both pieces are as efficient and easy as possible. We want the SID who has already worked 60 hours in a week to go home a little sooner because the SIDEARM system completed some of the mundane, but required tasks for them. We want Grandma in Montana to be able to see her granddaughter in NY score the winning goal as it happens. We spend every day making sure that we do everything we can to make these processes the best they possibly can be for everyone involved.



LLP (Learfield Licensing Partners)

learfield-licensingWe’re not an agent… we’re a partner, and we’re there, game day or any day, to help each client achieve their licensing goals. Our team boasts some of the most dynamic and passionate leaders in the industry, and our dedication to creating true partnerships has helped hundreds of colleges, universities, athletic conferences and special properties nationwide achieve greater brand awareness and royalty revenues.


CSMG (Collegiate Sports Management Group)

CS_Logo_v4CSMG is committed to helping improve the business performance of collegiate athletic conferences/schools and providing them with a successful growth strategy with regards to branding, attracting a higher quantity and quality of applicants, and generating revenue to support their athletic departments.